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The growing demand for electric vehicles is creating a secondary demand - charging stations. As the electric vehicle population grows, the need for vehicle chargers increases as well. Companies are incorporating on site charging stations in readily accessible areas. Powering these stations takes design and electrical expertise. Knowing both the logistics of placement in conjunction with the electrical connecting design will provide a user friendly recharging experience. This fosters excellent tenant or customer relations translating into positive word of mouth. Though this may not be the primary reason for installation, it’s certainly a desired property bonus.

Ameren is currently offering an aggressive rebate program in relation to the installation and usage of EV charging stations to encourage businesses to provide charging services. Some highlights of the program are:

• Open to all Ameren Missouri business customers
• Total incentive allowed for affiliated businesses of $500,000
• Incentive of $5,000 per Level 2 port (40amp max)
• Incentive of $20,000 per DCFC port (50kW nominal max)

The maximum incentive is up to 50% of total project cost. Installing EV charging station can provide an important benefit to your employees, customers, and community, while helping establish your company as a leader in sustainability and innovation. The program is now open.

These incentives make installing the EV charging stations extremely cost effective. The by product is significant user engagement and satisfaction. We look at this as a tremendous opportunity for our clients and look forward to evaluating applications at their facilities. Since we are known for our electrical innovation and sustainable perspective, Aschinger is the right selection in regards to installing EV charging stations.

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Emily Martin

"Our goal is to create lifetime partnerships with our clients by being a proactive contractor and service provider. We will continue to be a market leader, helping our clients operate their businesses efficiently and safely."
Emily Martin

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