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Construction On The Other Side

As Eric Aschinger reminded me recently, Aschinger Electric has survived many challenges. Otto F. Aschinger started his electrical contracting firm in St. Louis in 1912. Our business has weathered two World Wars, the 1917 pandemic, a whole host of economic recessions, and the Great Depression. This current period in our history has challenged us all. Business over the past 6 weeks has been far from the norm we’ve come to expect.

As the decision to reopen the economy is debated, we look to come out on the other side a better company. Sometimes it takes the pressure of an uncertain construction climate to review procedures, implement new technologies and increase efficiencies. The results of embracing the pressure will be a more effective approach to managing and performing construction projects. The need for greater internal and external communication becomes apparent when physically meeting with clients can be logistically difficult. The fact that we work in an age when technology has simplified communication is a blessing right now. Though we certainly believe that a return to personal contact will occur, we look to continue to strengthen our digital communication in order to continue to thrive now.

We also understand that the tolerance for project issues may be strained. This requires finding solutions to problems before they escalate, always looking for innovative solutions. Electrical contracting is a complex business. Electricians and electrical engineers must continually stay on top of emerging technologies and construction methods. The restoration of normal construction volume will generate a great need for these talented individuals. Prior to the virus hitting, there were shortages in available workforce in the electrical contracting industry. The positive forecasts all point towards this occurring again. We continue to invest in having the best team to serve our customers, both today and in the future.

The recommendation is that project owners and general contractors recognize the uncertainty of the construction market and secure their electrical contracting resources well in advance of project starts. This makes it easier for the electrical contractor to assign the best engineering personnel, project management and labor to the project. The ultimate goal is to serve our customer base as effectively as possible and assure Aschinger’s availability. We hope this difficult season passes soon. We look forward to working with our clients to help keep them moving forward on their projects, both now and in the future.

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Emily Martin

"Our goal is to create lifetime partnerships with our clients by being a proactive contractor and service provider. We will continue to be a market leader, helping our clients operate their businesses efficiently and safely."
Emily Martin

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