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January 2020
Happy New Year!
With the new year, comes a new nine weeks for our students. The beginning of Evendale's third nine weeks begins January 6, the day students return to school after their winter break.  This is a great time for you and our Evendale Panthers to start fresh and set new goals for the remainder of the school year. 

To help them, here are a few ideas:

Get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night
Read 20 minutes a day
Spend time together as a family away from electronics  (play board games, take a walk together, make a family meal together}
Plan an act of kindness together (make cookies for a neighbor, make cards for our military or shovel a driveway of someone who may not be able to)
Set classroom goals (raise a grade by a letter, earn more panther cash, do homework as soon as you get home and follow directions the first time they are given)

 “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”. Andrew Carnegie.

Report Cards Issued
Report cards for the second nine weeks will be issued to students January, 14, 2020. Parents should sign the manilla envelope and return the envelope to their teacher after receiving report cards.
Indoor Recess Season is Here
Whenever possible, teachers take students outside for recess to play; however, this time of the year we have many days when the weather keeps us inside. We are looking to build a "library" of indoor recess supplies that teachers can borrow from for indoor recess days. If your family is cleaning out after the holiday season and has gently used games, puzzles, blocks, etc. please consider making a donation.
Girls Who Code
 Every Monday, during the fall and early winter months, many of our fourth and fifth grade girls are working after school learning about the world of coding in a new club at Evendale. Girls Who Code, which is sponsored and taught by fifth grade teacher Lauren Cornett has 31 participants.

According to Ms. Cornett, the girls begin with a warm up question through Google Classroom that relates to the discussion for the day. They spend about the first half of their time reading the assigned chapter and answering questions with a partner.

After reading, the participants join back together as a group and discuss answers and any connections they may have to what they have learned. During the last half of their time together, the girls apply what they learned through the use of the coding program, Scratch.

Ms. Cornett believes that as the club gains momentum, students who participate will walk away with the courage to take risks when creating, use independent problem-solving skills and develop a basic understanding of how coding works.
Nurse's Notes
 The days are getting colder. Please remember to have your child wear appropriate clothing for the weather (coats, hats, gloves, etc.) The students will continue to have outdoor recess as the weather allows.

Unfortunately, as winter draws near, head lice among school age children becomes more prevalent. Here are some important facts regarding head lice and how to deal with them.

Head lice are not a sign of uncleanliness. They do not carry diseases. In very rare cases, skin infections may occur from scratching due to itchiness.

The most effective screening for head lice is to check your child’s head at least once a week. Lice can’t jump or fly. They are mostly transferred by head to head contact. It is important also to encourage your child to not share brushes, hats or helmets.

If you find a case of lice, please let me know. If a student is found to have a case of head lice in school you will be notified and the student will be sent home.

Your child can return to school the day following treatment with a lice killing treatment product. Most over the counter brands are effective if the directions are followed.

It is imperative that you remove the nit (eggs) with a special comb. This is time consuming but essential to break the lice cycle.

Upon return to school you must send in proof of treatment (box label of the product you used). I will check your child before they return to class.

Personal items such as clothes, bedding, coats, towels, etc. should be washed in hot water (130 degrees). Soak combs and brushes in hot water (130 degrees) for at least 15 minutes. Anything that cannot be washed should be sealed in plastic bags for at least two weeks. Vacuum all rooms, furniture, and cars well.

I’m here to help any way I can, please feel free to call with any questions.

Erin Sidlowski
Counseling Corner
 A very special “Thank You”…
I would like to thank several people and organizations who donated to or raised money for our Holiday Assistance Program. Thank you to…Bright Futures of Frederick County, Kiwanis of Winchester and the Evendale staff and parents for purchasing gifts from our Giving Tree.Thank you to Cheryl Summers, classroom aide, for shopping for our families and decorating for our Holiday Mentor Lunch.

As a result of our partnerships, we were able to assist over forty children with toys, clothes and
food! We have such a giving school community who are so generous and truly care about
families in need within our school!
Thanks again for your generosity and giving spirit during the holidays! What a great way to
start the new year!
Happy New Year!
Mrs. Hawkins
School Counselor

The Artist's Pallet
The art classes are moving along into painting and sculpture this month.
Kindergarten has begun drawing and painting shapes to make a snowman. In first grade students have been drawing owls that will be painted and sculpted out of clay. The second grade classes will be studying the different genres of art while creating a landscape using paint and collage techniques.Third grade will be start a balance unit with a radial design painting intermediate colors They will continue studying balance with portraiture. Our fourth graders will be working on architecture prints involving house styles and then into sculpting clay houses. Fifth grade students will begin making their Gargoyle and Grotesques sculptures
PE Matters
  Happy New Year Evendale panthers and families. We hope you had a wonderful break and we are happy to see our students again!
In the new year, we will be beginning our movement education units for the month of January. These units will be dance, jump rope, and gymnastics. These units involve students exploring the many ways in which they can move for strength, flexibility, jumping and landing. Panthers will be learning how to jump rope and perform jump rope tricks to create a routine. After participating in a heart healthy activity, like jump rope, students will begin the gymnastics unit, where they will work on balancing, ropes, cargo net and transfer of weight.
If your child is interested in gymnastics, please check out three local gyms in our area. They are Shenandoah Tumblers (540)-869-3207, East Coast Gymnastics & Cheer (540)-539-6198, and Competitive Edge Gymnastics (540)-662-2686.
As always with potential snow days and winter weather, please remember sneakers for PE and the resource schedule. We want our students to be safe as they move in the gym!

The Book Nook
We have a lot to look forward to in the library when our students return from winter break. Kindergarteners will participate in story extension activities, writings and poems as well as learn more about the library in general. First graders will compare fiction and nonfiction polar animals. They will also learn to use an online encyclopedia to learn more about polar animals. Second graders will learn about the awards given to authors and illustrators. They will focus on the Caldecott Award given to an illustrator every year. Our third graders will start off the new year learning how to make a Google slide presentation using the information they found when doing their continent research. Fourth graders will focus on taking notes using biographies. Then they will use these skills to learn more about a person in which they are interested. Fifth graders will learn to evaluate websites in preparation for a research project.

Musical Notes
 During the month of January, our kindergarten students will be using classroom instruments to sing, dance and play. In first grade and second grade, students will be expanding their rhythm language and using solfege to add to their vocal repertoire. Our third and fourth grade students will be expanding their mallet technique and ensemble experience with some challenging lessons and dramatized books. Fifth graders will begin the study of music literacy using the soprano recorder. They will begin this closer to the end of the month.

Also, Evendale chorus has the opportunity to be among other elementary, middle school and high school chorus groups on January 23, 2020 during the Millbrook Cluster Concert held at Millbrook High School. More information will go home with chorus students closer to the event.

Notice of Nondiscrimination
Frederick County Public Schools shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, political
affiliation, disability or veteran status in the education program and activities, or employment and provides equal access to the Boy
Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Questions concerning the application of this non-discrimination policy may be made to: Title IX Coordinator (Adults), Jennifer Rydholm, Exec. Director of Human Resources; Title IX Coordinator (Students) and Section 504 Coordinator, Teresa Ritenour, Director of Student Support Services.

For further information on notice of non-discrimination, see list of OCR enforcement offices for the addresses and phone numbers of
the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

220 Rosa Lane, Winchester, VA 22602

(540) 662-0531

Elizabeth Mistretta, Principal

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