December 2019 Robla School District Family Newsletter
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Hand Washing 101
Handwashing at preschool is an important task and we are asking that you help us with your children by practicing these routines at home.  You can also help us by making sure your child washes their hands when entering the classroom every day. This will help us all by keeping germs away.
1. Turn the water on using a paper towel.
2. Wet hands under running water.
3. Rub them together (tops, bottoms, between fingers, and        up to their wrist) for at least 20 seconds.. 
4. Rinse.
5. Dry using a paper towel..
6. Turn off the water using a paper towel.
Handwashing should happen after using the restroom, blowing noses, playing with animals, messy play (playdough/sand etc), and before eating.
Annual Parent Collaborative Toy & Clothing Exchange!
Do you have gently worn children’s clothes that don’t fit anymore?  Do you have gently loved toys and games that aren’t played with anymore?  Clean them out and get ready for our Toy & Clothing Exchange!

Donations accepted – Preschool Garden Room, December 6th – 9th

Toy & Clothing Exchange will be held on December 12th

December 19th Santa Visit    
Santa will be visiting Preschool on December 19th.  Don't miss the great photo opportunity.  Times will be provided by the classroom teacher.
Help Wrap Gifts for Santa's Visit
December 17th 

We’ll be in Preschool’s Garden Room wrapping and decorating the gifts that Santa Claus will give our students when he visits.  It’s a lot of fun to wrap, decorate, chat and nibble on treats!  Join us on December 17th after you drop your children off at school

Make Your Holidays More Meaningful and Less Stressful 
(from Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine)

Don't begin talking about holidays too early.

Children have a limited concept of time…they live in the “now.”  It’s hard for them to wait “one week” or “one month.”  Try to avoid starting holiday excitement (especially about presents) too early.  Have several small 
 events to help bring in the season.

Emphasize your family’s religious or cultural traditions and why they are important.

Involve your child in cooking, singing, gift wrapping and all of the traditions your family holds dear.  You may want to start a new tradition together.  Being part of a family tradition helps increase your child’s sense of security and personal identity; not to mention their own uniqueness. These elements are critical to positive self-esteem.

Monitor your own holiday stress level.

This is a time of year when adults often worry about financial or family strains.  Try to focus on the basic elements of your family and your child’s uniqueness.  Take some time for yourself!

Help your child understand that other children may celebrate the holidays in different ways. 

Every family is different, and each family does what is right for them. 

Encourage your child to ask questions about holiday customs and beliefs.

Children often see and hear things that puzzle them.  Many of their questions are ones which require personalized answers.  Affirm their natural curiosity and make time to respond to your child’s questions.  Keep your answers simple and factual.

Find ways to show your child that holidays are also times for thinking of others.

Remember that holidays are always a time to give and share with others, even on a small scale.  Teach your child that giving is a joyful thing…a picture for Grandma, a glittered pine cone for a neighbor, etc.  Children are capable and should be helped to think beyond their own wants.

We wish you a joyous holiday season!  Family and friends are the best part of holidays. We appreciate the riches that our preschool friends bring us.  Happy, healthy New Year!


All the best to you,

Christie Erhart, Director
Early Childhood Education 


Dates to Remember!
4 - Parent Collaborative 
12 - Toy & Clothing Exchange 
17 - Wrapping gifts for Santa
18 - Winter Sing 9:30 & 1:30

19 -  Santa Visit
20 - Ugly Sweater/holiday T-shirt Spirit Day
20 - Minimum Day
24-31 Winter Break *(return to school on 01/06/2019)*

Childcare CLOSED 
12/24th - 12/25th 
12/31st - 01/01st


Child Care  News

Childcare closed 
12/24th-12/25th & 12/31st- 01/01ST 

Child care will be open the following days during the break:

December 26th - 27th & 30th
*January 2nd-3rd 

 This service is for those children that are qualified during the holidays and have registered on the sign-up sheet with Room 9, 12, and 13.

*If you do NOT sign up your child will NOT be eligible  to attend child care during Winter Break.


Calling Child Care During Breaks

Do you need to contact Child Care after our office has closed?

Our offices will be closed during the Winter Break (December 24th – January 4th)

You can still contact the child care rooms directly.  Call 927-0136; when you hear the greeting, press 11712 for Room 12 or 11713 for Room 13.

PS  recommends these books for December reading!
·Bear Wakes Up
·Santa’s Noisy Night
·Dream Snow
·Puppies in the Snow
·Tortillas for Emma
·Santa’s New Suit
·The Best Snowman
·The Big Hungry Bear and Santa
·If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
·Gingerbread Baby
·Are You Grouchy, Santa?
·Froggy’s Best Christmas

Songs to Sing

· We Wish You a Merry Christmas
·Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
·Jingle Bells
·Be My Echo
·What Shall We Do Today

Rhymes & Chants

  • Bows Everywhere
  • 5 Christmas Cookies
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