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APTT Meeting #2 is Coming Up!

*This meeting is only for parents/guardians of 4-year-olds who will be going to TK or Kindergarten next year*

The goal of the APTT model is to promote family and teacher collaboration to support student learning and achievement.

I want to personally invite you to join us again for the second installment of our APTT meetings.

The meeting will be held Thursday, February 27th from 5:30-6:45 PM
The meetings will cover the following:
*A review of student progress data
*The establishment of academic goals
*Activities to use at home
*An opportunity to work with the teacher and other parents from your child's class to build community
There will be limited availability for child care for preschool aged children during the meeting. If you will need need child care, please sign up in the front office.

Preschool / Kindergarten Registration  

              New/Returning Registration for 2020-21 Preschool            

Upon receiving information regarding recent state regulations, we will no longer be enrolling on Feb 1st.  If your child is returning, or if you have a child entering our preschool for the 20-21 school year, pick up a new registration in the office which will be available starting April 20th. 

Kindergarten Registration Begins February 3rd 2020

Children who turn 5 before September 1, 2020 are age-eligible for kindergarten in 2020-21.   If your child attended Robla Preschool you will still need to register him/her for kindergarten at your home school.  If you need help determining your home school, we can help you in the office.

TK (Transitional Kinder) Registration Begins February 3rd 2020

Children who turn 5 between September 2nd and December 1, 2020 are age-eligible for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) in 2020-21.   If your child attended Robla Preschool you will still need to register him/her for Transitional Kindergarten at your home school.  If you need help determining your home school, we can help you in the office.

If you are interested in applying to our District Dual Language Immersion program for kindergarten, register first at your home school and write on the application as well as let your home school office know that you wish to enroll your child in the Dual Language Immersion kindergarten program at Glenwood. For more information, please stop by our office for a flyer or call Glenwood School.

Pennies for Patients 

Every year we sponsor one fundraiser, Pennies for Patients.  This fundraiser supports research for children with leukemia. 

Each student will have a small box to take back/forth during February to collect any pennies your family wishes to donate towards research and treatment for children with leukemia.  Through the years, we have observed that our students are able to understand that just bringing in a few pennies helps someone else who is a lot like they are.   We appreciate your help in raising money which goes directly to research and help find a cure.   Thank you for your generosity in this spirit-filled project.  It starts on Monday, February 4th and our last day for pennies is February 21st!


Free Tax Prep!
     Save the date March 7        
Tax returns prepared free! 
To schedule an appointment call 2-1-1 or (800)500-4931
*Annual income $60,000 or less

• Social security card
• Photo ID
• Tax Documents (W-2, Forms 1099-R, Forms 1099-SSA, Uber/Lyft Summaries Etc.)


Robla Elementary 5200 Marysville BLVD
Saturday, March 7th

Grant Union High School 1400 Grand Ave
February 1 • February 29 • March 28

Other locations available! Visit:

IRS certified tax preparers are available to help you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other credits you might be entitled to under law.

Questions and Answers 

Q= What does volunteering in my child’s class involve?

A= Volunteers are under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher.  A volunteer checks in at the office and receives a name tag. Volunteers are helpers in the classroom for all children not just their own!  Volunteers may be asked to help out preparing materials for activities, helping with meals in cafeteria, small group, and or outside time.  Please ask so that you will enjoy your time!  *Important to note: Only our teachers address behavior problems with students; parents are not allowed to discipline/direct behavior with our students!* Our school is better because of volunteers!

Q= Since the teacher knows me, do I have to sign in and wear the name tag?

A= Yes, you do!  It’s an additional safety precaution which helps us know if someone has come on campus without a reason.  It also helps you be recognized for the time you spend in our classrooms helping out.

Q= Do volunteers take the place of Instructional Assistants?

A= Not at all!  Instructional assistants are specifically working with students!  They assist our students throughout the day. Their primary support is to interact with our students to make sure that our children have social and learning experiences.  Our IA’s do not prepare materials during class time; they focus on children!

Q= May I bring my younger or older children with me to preschool when I volunteer?

A= No.  We follow our state guidelines and district policies which do not allow this.  Our preschoolers are the focus of our day!  If we are having a special event in the class or a family/all school celebration, please ask your classroom teacher if there is room.  Volunteers should not distracted by their own younger/older children while they are working in the classroom.  Our teachers and preschoolers are assured of having a day focused on our students!

Q= What are the rules about coming late to school? 

A= Unless there is a doctor/emergency appointment, we expect our children to be in their classroom no later than 8:15 a.m. (morning class) or 12:15 p.m. (afternoon class). If you arrive 15 minutes or later after the starting time you must get a late slip from the office.

Q= May I stay in my child’s class and visit with other parents that I have gotten to know? 

A= If you are not going to volunteer, you will need to leave after you have transitioned your child from home to table work to circle time.  If you come in late and our children are already in circle, your child will need to go to circle. We do not repeat an activity because a child is late.

Q= Why aren’t parents and their children allowed to stay on campus between the morning and afternoon sessions?  My child likes to play.

A= It’s a guideline because school is closed for our part-day programs. This means that your child would be under our supervision and we do not provide supervision during that time period. Our full day students use the outside area during that time and again, our supervision is restricted to students in the program.  It’s a safety issue and we were given direction from our CDE Advisor.

Q= Why has Preschool gone “backpack-free”?

A= We have some health and usefulness observations that are the reasons for requesting “No Backpacks.”  We have observed a pattern of unhealthy / sanitary concerns in many of our backpacks.  Robla Preschool provides our students with the blue Nicky’s Folders for take-home/return forms and work.  Parents who leave a change of clothes for their children are able to keep a change in their child’s large jacket-cubby.  These are our reasons for requesting that no backpacks come to school.  If your child brings their lunch, we will provide a box near the door for their lunch bag to be kept. Thanks for helping us with this new healthy, space-saving action!

The Power of Please!
Everyone likes to be treated with respect and dignity.

When we are treated in this manner, we tend to respond in a positive fashion. Children learn politeness by interacting with polite adults most often in their school or home environments.

All of us, especially children, mirror the behavior we see. When we treat children with kindness, they grow up treating others with the same kindness. Kindness begins with “please”. Polite, well-mannered people automatically use the word please.

They have learned and act with appropriate behavior. Repetition is important. Use the word, please, often with children so they will use the word. Please is usually used when you ask someone to do something for you. The best way to use please is to begin your request with the person’s name, such as, “Max, please pick up your shoes…”

Adapted from The First Days of School by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Friendship at Preschool
We emphasize friendship all of the time at Robla Preschool, but this is a wonderful month to highlight it!  We have Valentine’s Day, Lincoln & Washington’s Birthday and Black History celebrations that provide us with many opportunities to honor friendship.   Our preschool friends appreciate the differences and similarities in all of their friends…regardless of cultural, ethnic, economic backgrounds or learning differences.  They accept each other unconditionally …and that’s true friendship!

Dates to Remember 

4 - Pennies for Patients begins 
7 - Parent Collaborative 8:15am-9:15am
12 - Library Club with Ms. Lisa
12 - Vision Screening 
13 - Bring a Teddy Bear to School Day
14-17 President's Day (PS-CC Closed)
19-Spring Pictures 
21- Pennies for Patients Ends
26 - Nature's Critters
27- APTT Meeting #2



     Childcare closed 2/14 to 2/17

Child Care News
*Child Care will be closed on 14th-17th
**Let your neighbors know!

Robla Preschool: Attendance

Robla Preschool values attendance and we want to celebrate students with Perfect Attendance.  Every month, each student who has perfect attendance throughout the entire month will receive a perfect attendance certificate.

We understand that your child may need to miss school due to a family emergency or illness.  These remain excused absences but do not count towards perfect attendance.  Please help us keep others healthy; when your child is sick and should not attend school, keep them home until they feel better.

Health and Learning Success Go Hand-in-Hand

Eating nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables can help children do better in school. With Harvest of the Month, you can set a positive example and put your child on the road to health and learning success.  

Produce Tip
  • When buying carrots look for ones that are firm with a bright orange color. Avoid carrots if they are limp or black near the tops as this means they're not fresh
  • Choose medium-sized ones that taper at the ends. Thicker ones may be tough. 
  • Very little nutritional value is lost when cooking carrots, unless you overcook them until mushy.
  • The soluble fiber in carrots can add thickness to lots of foods, taking the place of high-calorie butter and cream. The stronger the flavor of the soup or sauce, the more it will hide the carrot flavor.

Parking Lot Courtesy

Our Parking lot is small; it is critical that everyone drive safely and with courtesy.

*You may not exit from the entrance to the parking lot, nor enter from the exit.

Parents who exit directly out of the gate nearest Rm. 7 are creating a danger to families who walk along the street as well as cars following the arrows and driving into the parking lot.

  • Always leave a lane open closest to the fence.

  • Do not block handicapped spaces.

  • The area next to Room 7 is a fire lane and is not available for parking.

  • Do not park in front of the trash cans.

  • There are designated arrows for driving through the parking lot, please follow them.

Our parking lot has challenges but your patience and goodwill to others helps make it a better situation.

February Theme: Beary Special Friends!

PS recommends these books we're reading for February!

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear
  • The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear
  • My Brown Bear Barney
  • The Day it Rained Valentines
  • Snow Bear
  • Lily’s Chocolate Heart
  • What Moms Can’t Do/What Dads Can’t Do
  • Bear Wants More
  • I Love You Bunches
  • Snow Bear
  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  • Corduroy
  • Don’t Wake Bear!
Seasonal Words 
February Vocabulary 

BEAR Words:

(real and pretend).  We are making connections between ourselves and bears!

Bears have:

fur, claws, and tails.


growl, hibernate, and hunt.

They live in:

caves, the forest, the South Pole.

They eat: 

fish, berries, honey, and bugs.

There are: 

brown, black, polar, grizzly, panda and teddy bears.

Words & Concepts about Friends:

Learn how to:  share, give compliments, tell what we like and don’t like in a nice way.

Learn about: valentines, love, hugs and hearts, buddies and pals.

Describing Words:

White, red, pink.

Icy, snowy, sleepy.

Friendly, loving, caring.

Happy, sad, surprised.

Keep Washing Your Hands!
Just a reminder about how important handwashing is especially as we are in the middle of cold and flu season. Using proper hand washing techniques regularly can help prevent you and your child from getting sick

  Proper Handwashing Techniques

  1. Wet hands with warm running water
  2. Apply liquid soap to your hands.
  3. Rub hands vigorously, remembering to wash backs and palms of hands,
    between fingers, under fingernails, and around wrists
  4. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Sing “Happy Birthday” or “Row, Row,
    Row Your Boat” twice.
  5. Rinse hands under warm running water
  6. Dry hands with single use disposable hand drying material/paper towels or
    hand drying blower
  7. Turn the faucet off with the paper towel
  8. Discard paper towel in a hands free, covered, plastic- lined trash can
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